Life at MSTC


   Maha Sainik Training Centre with maximum capacity for100 trainees is divided into         four Houses viz Shivaji, Nehru, Rana Pratap and Tilak House..

   The daily itinerary starts with Physical Training for one hour from 6 to 7 o’clock in         the morning.

   After Physical Training, change and Breakfast

   This is followed by recital of MSTC ‘Pledge’ and national anthem.

   Classes are conducted from 09:00 hrs to 13:30 hrs with a tea break at 11:00 hrs.

   This is followed by lunch. Prayers before and after every meal is recited by trainees.

   Rest till 15:15 hrs and one more academic class till 17:15 hrs.

   Drill practice is conducted from 17:15 hrs to 18:15 hrs.

   This is followed by evening tea, change and relaxation time till 20:00 hrs.

   After roll call at 20:00 hrs, the dinner is served.

   Self study is from 20:45 hrs to 21:45 hrs.

   Lights out at 22:00 hrs.