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Maha  Sainik Training Centre

Maha Sainik Training Centre (MSTC) is a Premier Training Institute of Maharashtra. The Institute is symbolic of ‘secured future’ for the youth of Maharashtra and is working towards State’s solidarity, peace, integration and stability . It is a cradle of ‘Internal and External Security’ training – ‘Security’ being prime mover of rising India.






Maharashtra Ex-servicemen Corporation Ltd (MESCO), a State Government Undertaking, established MSTC at Kolhapur on 01 December 2010. MSTC is a welfare venture of MESCO to promote the youth of Maharashtra, (Ex-servicemen and civilian children) especially from mix of urban-rural areas to secure them jobs in Government and Private Security Agencies, Military and Police Department. MSTC is the Centre of Excellence and an icon in the field of ‘Security Training’ across the State. The tenets of ‘Security Application’ are imbibed at an impressionable age through multi-faceted activities conducted at the Training Centre for profound impact during any internal and external conflict. The ‘Knowledge Security Warriors’ with latest technological inputs are geared up for high-tech security environment of tomorrow. The Institute fosters the culture of ‘Security Consciousness’ through spirit of camaraderie, inculcating traits of sacrifice. courage, velour and daring. From its portals emerge the Security Guards and Supervisors, Warriors and Policemen, always to put ‘Service Before Self’ and prove worthy to protect the Nation with ‘Quality Internal and External Security’. Alumni of MSTC, graduated in Coursesconducted in the past, have already secured jobs as ‘Security Guards & Supervisors’, military warriors and policemen and have left indelible impression on the ‘Guarded’.

            MSTC, as on 29 July 2013, has conducted 27 Security Courses, One Pre-recruitment Training Courses (PRTC) and one Minority Course (MC). A total of 1846 Security Courses trainees, 168 PRTC trainees and 35 MC trainees have graduated from MSTC.


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