Tangible Outcomes (Providing Employment)


The ex-servicemen, being first generation entrepreneurs, will get systematically organised in the estate to manage their 95 micro industries.


Approx directly/ indirectly 2450 persons will get direct and indirect job opportunities. Technically qualified children of ex-servicemen, disabled soldiers / war disabled soldiers and war widows will also get suitable jobs.


The grant-in-aid will be a vital enabler for providing economically affordable industries to the retired ex-servicemen. The affordability will generate extra drive for successful entrepreneurship in many more ex-servicemen.


The morale of the defence personnel will go high enough by realising the post-retirement industrial opportunities. These opportunities are not available in the private manufacturing sector. The ex-servicemen entrepreneurs will get long term production opportunities for successfully developing their entrepreneurship.


Each micro industry will incur approx 50 % less administrative and marketing expenses by sharing of resources of common facility centres in the estate.


The capacities of micro industries will get enhanced on account of upgradation of infrastructural facilities, establishment of common facility centres and their own common supportive action.


The industries will avail common opportunities such as concessional procurement of plant / machinery and raw materials, marketing outlets, seminar-cum-exhibition participation, training and incubation centres.


With facilities of training centre, incubation centre and on-the-job technical training at the estate, approximately 1000 ex-servicemen will be annually trained for developing their entrepreneurial skills. Hence they will be able to undertake their management of independent micro / small industries outside the estate.


There will be consistent and substantial growth in the employment generation for the ex-defence personnel and their dependents


By availing overall beneficial opportunities, all 95 micro industries will have longer sustainability and robust growth.


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